Cleveland Post-Punks Terrycloth Mother Release Debut LP

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Cleveland post-punks Terrycloth Mother release debut LP

Photo by Rustin McCann

Cleveland, Ohio post-punks Terrycloth Mother compose original rock music that drifts into dark and dreamy soundscapes, fashioning lyrical odes to the surrealistic horror of our modern world. While the quartet offers a sound that is 100 percent their own, it isn’t uncommon to pick up flourishes and nods at the many bands that inspire them such as Radiohead, Editors, Interpol and Pink Floyd. Terrycloth Mother release their self-titled LP, out now.

A result of being paired during Cleveland’s Lottery League events (as was drummer John Panza’s Hiram-Maxim), Terrycloth Mother is comprised of James Pequignot (vocals and bass), Stephen ‘Tebbs’ Karney (vocals and pedal steel guitar), Drew Maziasz (vocals) and Panza.

The LP was recorded and produced by the band at Art Craft in Cleveland and mastered by Chris Keffer at Magnetic North Studio. The album also features contributions from Antoine Canon and Sophoulla Gibson, both of whom live in the UK and appear on “Weight of the World.” Antoine plays trumpet and recorded both his and Sophoulla’s backup vocals.

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Catch them live here:

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