Kurt Baker (Kurt Baker Combo, The Leftovers, Etc.) Releases New Single “Yeah? Yeah!” + New Cover Of “Keep It Tight,” The Classic Power Pop Track From Single Bullet Theory

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Kurt Baker (Kurt Baker Combo, The Leftovers, etc) Releases New Single “Yeah? Yeah!” + New Cover of “Keep It Tight” The Classic Power Pop Track From Single Bullet Theory

Stream the new single “Yeah? Yeah!” Here 
Watch the “Keep It Tight” Video Here 
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Coming off the heels of his latest LP’s “After Party,” critically acclaimed in underground pop rock circles, Kurt Baker is cleaning up house this fall with a handful of singles released on Wicked Cool Records. Since late summer, Baker has worked with Little Steven Van Zandt’s Wicked Cool Records to digitally release obscure and unreleased tracks from his back catalog, as well as a 7-inch single “Keep It Tight” in order to cleanse the palate for what the future brings as he returns to making music back in the United States after many years living abroad in Europe. Even more exciting is that he’s getting his old band back together to tour, after not having seen them since before the Coronavirus pandemic during the recording sessions of “After Party.” As we close out 2021 and look into the next year, stay tuned for much more new music and tour dates from KB.

Stream the new single “Yeah? Yeah!” HERE:


STREAM the new video for “Keep It Tight” HERE: 


Directed and produced by Thibault Bouznad-Villena in Toulouse, France.

Stream “KEEP IT TIGHT” (recent “Coolest Song in the World” on The Underground Garage) on DSPs now (7″ vinyl is sold out, but copies may be available at the upcoming shows!) – https://orcd.co/keepittight

Of the new video, Kurt says, “Toulouse is a wonderful French city and it’s a place that I now have many family and friends. During this past summer, I spent many wonderful afternoons walking around the centre-ville and enjoying the sun and the Garonne river, so we decided to film a fun and energetic clip to match the song “Keep It Tight.” It’s a video that celebrates being out and about, singing, jumping… breathing! I think we are lucky to all be here and it’s important to enjoy each day to the max… I try to keep my music upbeat and positive, so this clip definitely matches that vibe. Many thanks to Thibault Bouznad-Villena for producing and directing the clip!”

In speaking on the origins of the song itself, Kurt explains, “So this is the story of “Keep It Tight.” I first discovered the LP by an unknown band Single Bullet Theory in a used record bin in Maine for about 1 US dollar, many years ago. Spending that 1 dollar may have changed my music journey forever. On the cover was an assortment of neon new wave-colored squirt guns… just by the cover, I knew this record would be good. When I got home and set the needle to the vinyl, the opening chords of the original “Keep It Tight” rung out. It was an electric feeling, big crunchy guitars, cool synthesizers and catchy hooks… This too was the kind of music I strived or even was destined to make. As this was years ago, I had to find a friend at a studio that could dub down the vinyl to a CD-R. I had to have this Single Bullet Theory with me at all times for listening. It was that exact CD-R that I popped in the car player when I first went to pick up my best buddy and songwriting partner Wyatt at the airport on his first trip to Maine on a trip that we would write many songs and spend many good days hangin’ and partyin’. He was also blown away by the sounds of Single Bullet Theory, and especially the song “Keep It Tight.” Needless to say, it’s been an inspiration to us for many years and many albums, but especially on our last full-length album “After Party.” A couple of songs we challenged ourselves to write our own version of “Keep It Tight,” or at least we tried. You can hear the new wave and power pop influence throughout “After Party,” on songs like “Outta Sight” or “Keep Dreaming,” that’s for sure. Turns out, we had some spare time in the studio, so we said… why not? Let’s record our own version of this obscure Single Bullet Theory song because it means a lot to us… and hopefully now it will bring you some joy too!”


Dec 2nd NYC @ TvEye w/ The Wanders, The Foxsisters
Dec 3rd BOSTON @ Jungle w/ Fatal Flaw, Dutch Tulips
Dec 4th PROVIDENCE @ Askew w/ Fatal Flaw, Hope Anchor
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What People Have Written About Kurt Baker

“Power-pop perfection.”- Billboard

“…punk-meets-Elvis Costello rocking… definitely fits in the power pop mold, but also has a heavier guitar presence that gives it more energy and intensity. Baker also incorporates a subtle New Wave touch, bringing to mind some of the finest rock gems of the 1980s… gets you excited for when we will finally be able to see acts like them perform live one day.”- Glide Magazine

“Would make Elvis Costello proud… a record brimming with sweet harmonies, razor-sharp hooks and addictive melodies…bringing to mind everyone from Jellyfish to Material Issue at various points of the record… A remarkably fun album by one of the most consistently solid acolytes of power pop working today.”- New Noise

“It’s got that new wave/power pop meets early ’80s FM rock (Donnie Iris, Cheap Trick, .38 Special) vibe with just a hint of ’90s Lookout! Records. If you’re into big hooks, punchy guitars and catchy choruses, this album will not leave you wanting. Say what you will about 2020. But any year that gives us a new Kurt Baker record can’t be entirely bad!”- Faster & Louder

“Kurt Baker does the power pop thing like a champ…the hooks are full of pop goodness and the singalongs come from all directions.”- That’s Good Enough For Me

“…a 12-track alt-rock masterclass. Traversing varying sonic landscapes such as new romantic, post-punk, power-pop et cetera, this set will thrill legitimate longtime fans and new converts alike.”- Global Texan Chronicles

“One of the bright lights keeping the flames of power pop lit.”- Jersey Beat

“Blending his signature indie garage rock and power pop styles, “Outta Sight” is packed with sweet melodies and grittier dynamics.”- Rebel Noise

“This could easily be Baker’s best album to date.”- Real Gone Rocks

“Confirms Kurt Baker as something of a power-pop genius. ‘After Party’ is a lockdown tonic we should all take a swig of. – RPM Online

“……a total spoil of riches for any fan of 80s culture.”- American Songwriter




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