JEEN Releases Lyric Video For “Recklessly”

*The Following Press Release Was Issued By JEEN*

After a while, it can be hard to know whether you control your destiny or if your destiny is controlling you.  

Recklessly is for when you can’t tell if you’re moving forward or falling behind and when it’s impossible to know where you’ll end up. 

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It’s the last single before my new record DOG BITE is out on October 22
Watch and share the lyric video on YouTube by Hayden Smith/LazzArt.  

I started writing this song last summer when my head was spinning like everyone else. Always feeling like the bottom could drop out any second. Being a musician can be challenging on a good day and I never made a plan B. So, I felt that pretty hard last year and this year, as well.  

Like that rush of not having a safety net, but maybe wishing you did. 

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