Swiss Post-Hardcore/Noise/Metal Practitioners KEHLVIN Stream Entire New Album ‘Holistic Dreams’ On YouTube

*The Following Press Release Was Issued By Domino Media Group*

Swiss post-hardcore/noise/metal pratictioners KEHLVIN streamed entire new album ”Holistic Dreams’ on YouTube.

Out now On CD/LP/Digital through Division Records

It’s out! Six years after their last studio effort, Swiss (post)hardcore/noise-metal act Kehlvin finally released a brand new studio album called ‘Holistic Dreams’ on CD, LP & Digital through Division Records (Dirge, Knut, Process Of Guilt, Rorcal, Unfold).

In addition to the official release-news, the album is also available for full-streaming and “Pay What You Want” Digital Download on Bandcamp, but also on YouTube
 Download/Stream the album on Bandcamp  
 …For the record…

Formed back in early 1999 in La Chaux-de-Fonds, Switzerland, KEHLVIN is delivering a personal blend of progressive and metallic noise-hardcore. After the release of their first acclaimed album, ‘THE MOUNTAIN DAYLIGHT TIME,’ the members of Kehlvin have collaborated with their friends from Rorcal in order to record a split album called ‘ASCENSION.’

After this monolithic masterpiece, the band has recorded an EP called ‘HOLY CANCER.’ In order to promote this piece of pure aggression, KEHLVIN has toured across Europe with the bands Celeste and Junius. In 2012, the band released their second full-length entitled ‘THE ORCHARD OF FORKING PATHS,’ a new celebration of tortured sludgin’ prog metal. 

One year later, the band toured again across Europe and during this tour, they met the polish band Fleshworld and decide to collaborate with them. The result was ‘TO DENY EVERYTHING THAT’S MUNDANE,’ a split vinyl released in 2015. 

After another European tour in order to promote this release, the band entered a non-programmed hiatus, spending a lot of time building its own studio. The band’s members then slowly and meticulously began to write new songs. The resulting new album is called ‘HOLISTIC DREAMS’ and shows a band at the very top of its possibilities. 
 Buy the album on CD/LP through Division Records 

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