Swiss Post-Hardcore/Stoner Power Trio JIAN Share New Official Music Video “Doppelgänger II” On Facebook Watch

*The Following Press Release Was Issued By Domino Media Group*

Swiss post-hardcore/stoner power trio JIAN share new official music video “Doppelgänger II” on Facebook Watch.

New album ‘SINOPE’ to be released this fall on CD/LP/Digital through Domino Media Group
A couple of days after premiering its new single on YouTube, Swiss power-trio evolving between stoner-rock/metal and post-hardcore music JIAN (including member from KØDE) also shared the official music video of “Doppelgänger II” on Facebook Watch

For reminder, this track will featured on ‘Sinope’, the band’s debut album to be released this fall on both physical & digital editions through Domino Media Group (Colossus Of Destiny, Haundead, etc.) 
 Watch the official music video of “Doppelgänger II” 
 …For the record…

Jian was born in 2016 inside a swiss basement from the union of stoner and post-hardcore music.

After a long soul-searching period and experimentation with different musicians, it finally settled on the yelled voice and cyclic guitar of Adam Saint-Roch (Guitar / Lead Vocal), roaring bass by Karim Cruchon (Bass / Backing Vocal) and sustained rhythm of Sébastien Tavel (Drums). Stuck in a perpetual teenage rebellion carried by heavy sounds, incisive tempos and syncopated chords, it keeps the melodic touch of happier days, dreamt, but never lived.

With the release of its first album in 2021, ‘Sinope,’ Jian is bringing its jerricans to add fuel to the fire. For fans of Baroness, QOTSA, Fugazi, Kylesa, Sonic Youth… 

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