James Blonde Releases New Single “Delirium”

*The Following Press Release Was Issued By James Blonde*

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“Delirium” came out of a time in my life where I had begun to notice my self-destruction through addiction, but I was still fighting the urge to do anything about it.   

I wrote the lyrics almost in their entirety on break at a gig while having a smoke after the idea came to me while I was hungover and drinking about it.   

Drugs and alcohol can be your best friend one second, but then you hate your life the next. It’s a very vicious cycle.   

You can stream “Delirium” on your favorite platform.  

We worked with Gus van Go in Brooklyn to develop the sound of “Delirium,” including the heavy bassline and relentless tempo which embody the weight of addiction.   

Every step is so laden with burden and exhaustion, but you’re doing what you think is necessary for survival.  

Thank you for listening,

Neil Carson of James Blonde

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