The Jukebox Romantics Channel Big, Mariah Carey For “Hey Nora” Video

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The Jukebox Romantics channel Big, Mariah Carey for “Hey Nora” video
‘Fires Forming’ EP for December 17 release via Sell The Heart Records/Engineer Records
New York-based punk quartet The Jukebox Romantics recently announced plans to release their Fires Forming EP, a co-release between Sell The Heart Records (U.S.) and Engineer Records (UK), on December 17. For those not yet in-the-know, The Jukebox Romantics are in-your-face, fun, heartfelt punk in the vein of bands like Alkaline Trio, Samiam and The Bouncing Souls. Over the past 13 years, they have taken their talked-about live show from coast to coast, including multiple appearances at Gainesville’s Fest, Vans Warped Tour, Pouzza Fest, SXSW and more.

The first single from the EP, “Hey Nora,” has already been making waves in the music press, and Ghettoblaster Magazine recently premiered the video for the track. For the video, the band offers a light-hearted “Big Fantasy” romp at historic Rye Playland. The video was directed and produced by Michael Fels, with cinematography by Tommy Schutz and editing from Alan Torres. MNTLST8 handled sound mixing.

Watch the video here.

“This is the same location where Mariah Carey shot her famous ’90s era ‘Fantasy’ video, Rye Playland, which is iconic because of how old it is. Especially that coaster the Dragon Coaster,” says singer/guitarist Mike Terry. “So, we went for a shot-for-shot in homage to her video and to Tom Hanks’ Big, since that movie was filmed in the same spot. The only difference is that we did it with a DIY guerrilla filming technique and not a giant Mariah 1990s budget.”

The single is available for purchase at the band’s Bandcamp.

Catch the band live at The Fest in Gainesville, Florida, from October 29-31.

Website | Bandcamp | Spotify | Apple Music

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