Napoleon Releases Official Music Video For “Carve Another Scar,” Feat. Corbin Giroux

*The Following Press Release Was Issued By Napoleon*

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Head over to YouTube to view the lighthearted music video for our single “Carve Another Scar” featuring Corbin Giroux of Rarity on guest vocals! Staged like a news broadcast, this is one of the angrier songs from our recently released EP Enemy Within.  

Nowadays, everyone is constantly having info shoved down their throats by the media, their friends, or parents. It’s so overwhelming that often, I find myself struggling to separate what I truly believe and what I’m being told to.  

It is very important to be open-minded and willing to listen to opinions on certain issues that may differ from your own, but unfortunately, we live in a society that isn’t very kind to that. People constantly feel the need to express their opinions as the only important one.  

“You can’t change my mind no matter who you think you are.”  

Listen to “Carve Another Scar (feat. Corbin Giroux)” on your favorite platform.  

We are entitled to our own opinions and thoughts.  

Thank you for checking out the video,


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