Wildcat Hawkins Releases New Album ‘Pre-Copernican’

*The Following Press Release Was Issued By Wildcat Hawkins*

This album came as a bit of a surprise when I started piecing together what was in my computer. Half the songs are instrumental. I sent the tracks down to a studio in Nashville for mastering.

It was a strange year and 2020. I was unemployed, with poor mental health and going through a divorce. Just a cloudy season for me.

It’s indietronica with hip hop influence, but it has a variety of sounds throughout. It’s alternately chill and intense. The sound is melancholic and brooding in some spots and rather blissful in others. Trippy music that feels a bit like a journey, I’d say.

One of my favorite parts of the production was settling on my mellotron sounds. I used unique sounds on “Can’t Stop it With You,” “Blak Sheep” and “Never Left.” Playing accordion on “Never Left” was a highlight too. Writing and arranging the vocals for “Foothills” was a new experience. David Haffner produced an amazing track, so I knew I wanted to put all I had into the writing.

“Feels like we should break away.” I didn’t mean anything about me and Brianna. It was about holding out on society. Listening back after we’ve split, it sounds like we’re singing about our relationship.

The rhythms on this album are really the heart of it. Tracks “Sixteen Stone” and “Interdimensional” were recorded as live loop mixes with a mobile app called groove pad. I recorded the vocals on “Interdimensional” in two live shots as well. I felt the song needed a more human feel.

Adding a collab with Justice Son gave the album a shot in the arm with his brand of churning industrial energy.

I have a lot of growing to do as an artist and I hope to continue learning each day. I’m grateful I get to make music. This is my therapy and I hope to continue growing on this path. I try not to tell myself what to do but rather listen to intuition.

Thanks for listening to my work. I’m currently at wildcathawkins.com

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