Jon Stancer Releases Music Video For “This Cannot Wait (Until Tomorrow)”

*The Following Press Release Was Issued By Jon Stancer*

This Cannot Wait (Until Tomorrow)” is the first song to be released from my upcoming EP, out in early 2022 
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This Cannot Wait (Until Tomorrow)” is a plea to act (really, really) fast on climate change. As most of us are by now very well aware, the adverse effects of climate change are manifesting all around the world, in real time. My social media feeds are crammed with dire and insistent warnings from scientists, experts and activists and newsreels showing floods, fires, hurricanes and other horrific, climate-related catastrophes. All of this chatter and imagery were swirling around in my head at the time of writing this song. 

I didn’t deliberately set out to write a song about climate change. I am neither an expert nor a ‘full-on’ activist. But it’s become very apparent that this is no longer a question of whether or not climate change is real, or if we’re going to experience the impact(s) of climate change in our lifetime, (or our kids’ lifetimes), but rather, how quickly and meaningfully can we act to prevent things from becoming much, much worse? 

Watch the accompanying music video on YouTube now.  
My hope is that this song might prick up a few ears and perhaps help to emphasize the seriousness of this moment. 

The urgency’s great. Can’t overstate it. 

Thank you for listening,

Jon Stancer

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