Emma Saville Unveils New Single, “Through The Storm”

*The Following Press Release Was Issued By Emma Saville*



Stream/download “Through The Storm” HERE

a gorgeous, sensual track” – BBC Radio Sheffield  

an example of [Emma’s] breadth of inspirations all amalgamated into this breathy number, complete with effortless segues from English into Portuguese — featuring sultry vocals, lots of Latino guitar riffs and graceful melody to affairs.” – Sheffield Star

Based between London and Sheffield in the United Kingdom, Emma has cut her teeth in the music industry with powerful songs centered around love, overcoming life’s obstacles and loss. She has performed everywhere from Brazil and Costa Rica to Australia and New Zealand. Emma’s best known for her chillout/downtempo single, “Be as One.” Produced by MinusBlue, the original song and several remixes are on over 200 compilations worldwide.

Having relaunched as an independent artist in December 2020, Emma’s “soulful, Latin-infused pop” has received highly positive international acclaim. Emma’s music has been streamed millions of times worldwide and her memorable voice is still finding new fans.

The release of ‘Through The Storm’ follows the unstoppable success of six recent singles. “Out The Door,” “Saudade Unplugged,” “Saudade,” “Ontem,” “Nostalgia” and “Love Wasn’t Enough” have also received positive international acclaim.

Soulful, unapologetic and evocative, ‘‘Through The Storm” is dedicated to anyone who’s had covid or Long Covid and to those who haven’t been able to be with their loved ones during the pandemic. The line, “wish I could hold you through the storm you’ve had to weather” is in reflection of people who couldn’t physically be with their loved ones whilst they were suffering. “This song is really personal to me, so hope you connect with it,” said Emma, “I hope a positive of the pandemic is that it raises more awareness for invisible illnesses such as Long Covid/Post Viral Fatigue.”

Written by Emma and arranged by Martins Hero – a well-known musician and producer from Nigeria – ‘Through The Storm’ arrives alongside an iconic video directed by Matthew Barsby, who has previously worked with the likes of Broken Piano, Danny Burton and Empusa. The video further showcases the beauty of the Peak District National Park, alongside Emma’s soaring, emotive vocal harmonies.

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