2LATE Releases Debut Album ‘Up Till 2’

*The Following Press Release Was Issued By 2LATE*

2LATE is an emerging Pop/R&B singer from Boston, whose debut album “Up Till 2” was released on Friday, August 6th. 

The album explores themes of heartbreak and isolation and is sonically fit for late nights ruminating on life and past relationships. Weaved throughout the album are upbeat and optimistic-sounding tracks like “Cancel Your Plans” and “Ecstasy” that offer a positive twist on an otherwise somber story. “Up Till 2” is an introspective journey that travels through stages of a crumbling relationship and ultimately concludes with a shift toward independence and growth. 

Up Till 2


  1. Hey [produced by WES.]
  2. Cancel Your Plans [produced by Alex Gandhi]
  3. Chase [produced by 2LATE & cajook]
  4. Cigarettes [produced by whosejeff]
  5. Safe [produced by WES. & 2LATE]
  6. Feel [produced by 2LATE]
  7. Bottles of Rum [produced by WES.]
  8. Ecstasy [produced by WES.]
  9. Love Me (Interlude) [produced by WES. & 2LATE]
  10. Never Be [produced by WES.]
  11. These Days / Up Till 2 [produced by 2LATE]

All songs written and performed by 2LATE 

Recorded, mixed and mastered by Connor James

Executive produced by 2LATE 

Additional production by 2LATE and Connor James

Artwork by Brendan Brady 

About 2LATE:

2LATE is the artistic persona of Aidan Fox, a Philosophy student attending Northeastern University that grew up in Belmont, MA (just outside of Boston). Aidan has been playing guitar since age seven and picked up production and beat making in high school at age seventeen. It wasn’t until his first year at college that he shyly recorded his first few written songs which would go on to become the debut EP ‘OVERTHINKING’ in 2019. After discovering his talent and passion for singing, Aidan created the persona and concept 2LATE that has been an ever changing vessel for creativity and expression since. He is most directly inspired by Toronto R&B artists such as Drake, The Weeknd, PARTYNEXTDOOR and Roy Woods.

2LATE is an inquiry into the unknown—a commitment to curiosity about the world around and within oneself. It’s about being a human, something that we can never fully understand, but we can attempt to articulate in endless ways. The human experience is incredibly intricate and delicate, something we often overlook as we naturally enter routine. 2LATE breaks out of that routine, a much-needed escape and newfound perspective that preserves each feeling in the night sky like twinkling stars and everlasting reminders of how much more there is. 

Find 2LATE’s music and socials here

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