Ahead Of Performances At Blue Ridge Rock Fest & Inkcarceration, The Phoenix Within Release New Single “Lacking”

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Ahead of Performances at Blue Ridge Rock Fest & Inkcarceration, THE PHOENIX WITHIN Release New Single “Lacking”
Promo Photo Credit Alex Joseph
Photo Credit: Alex Joseph
Being a musician isn’t always easy. Artists make sacrifices and encounter various obstacles throughout their careers. The Phoenix Within talks about that with their most recent single “Lacking.”

“’Lacking’ by The Phoenix Within was written to be an anthem for underdogs everywhere and anywhere. In this particular case, the underdog is an artist/musician. The song touches on factual aspects which most struggling artists encounter, such as the lack of monetary funds, lack of support from friends and record labels and of course, having to face the fact that most people expect you to give up and fail,” frontman Omar Feliciano explains about the track. “The song becomes a hopeful anthem when the chorus hits and clearly states, ‘I’m willing to march right through this hell.’ In other words, you’ll have to take the bad with the good while continuing to put in the hard work in your art and music. In short, believe in yourself, continue learning new things and do not stop working, because, in the end, your work, music, and art will speak for itself.”

The song is told from the perspective of a struggling artist, talking about the difficulties that they’re facing as they work towards a career as a musician, but the lyrics gradually work towards bringing a more hopeful message, as the artist depicted in the song decides that they are willing to do whatever it takes to continue pursuing their dream. The anthemic chorus and raw instrumental and vocal performances perfectly portray the passion shown within the lyrics and the song as a whole continues to display The Phoenix Within’s signature rock sound.
Artwork Credit: Bianca Anglero
Watch the music video HERE! 
Stream “Lacking” HERE! 
About The Phoenix Within:

Formed in 2013, The Phoenix Within is a rock project based out of Queens, NY. The band is fronted by singer-songwriter Omar Feliciano and is backed by bassist Nick Narlis, guitarist John Narlis and drummer James Narlis.

The band’s discography is extensive and a direct reflection of their never-ending dedication and output. Their most recent singles (“South Ozone,” “Copycat,” “Daddy Issues,” “Hypothetical,” and “Pessimist”) each showcase very different and distinct musical elements and unique lyrical topics, ranging from autobiographical origins and self-evaluation to advising artists to embrace originality and authenticity in their own work and tales of the relentless heart and its ability to love.

With a variety of musical influences under the rock umbrella – ranging from The Killers to Taking Back Sunday to Fall Out Boy – and lyrical inspiration taken from different personal experiences, The Phoenix Within aims to create raw, honest and poignant music, spreading messages that listeners can relate and connect to in one way or another.





Thursday, September 2nd – Arlene’s Grocery in New York City, NY w/All In Due Time & Fernandez

Friday, September 10th – Blue Ridge Rock Festival in Danville, VA

Sunday, September 12th – Inkcarceration Fest in Mansfield, OH

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