Forgotten Garden Releases Video For “Jessica”

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Take Another Trip To The Forgotten Garden

New Single “Jessica” Drops on SCLR

Just under a year ago, we dropped the incredible debut EP from Forgotten Garden, an EP which has been a constant source of wonderment since its release. Now, nearly 12 months on, Forgotten Garden are ready to release their new single, “Jessica.”

We’re always committed to bringing you great new music and this single is no exception. Director Chris Bowen had this to say; “We’ve been big fans of Forgotten Garden since the moment that we first heard them and it’s great to be bringing out more new music from them!”

“Jessica” dropped on all major digital stores and our Bandcamp page on FRIDAY 23RD JULY.

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A Song About Jessica

New Forgotten Garden Single Follows Mystery Girl

While songs named after women are ten a penny, they have been some of the greatest songs committed to record. Roxanne, Eleanor Rigby and Rhiannon to name but a few. Now, we’ve got another one to add to that list.

Jessica is a wonderfully crafted track, the soaring vocals of Ines Dias Rebelo are perfectly accentuated by the rhythmic, almost hypnotic guitar line from Danny Elliot. The elements that made their debut EP so strong are present here as well, the synth lines underpinning the track and giving it the basis to grow,

It follows its own path, flowing in such a way that its lyrical themes of running away and searching are reflected in its musical tone, climbing to its end through moments of reflection.

The B-Side to this track is the Natural Mix of the title track from Forgotten Garden’s debut EP, ‘Broken Pieces.’ This version is a more delicate version of the track that made the release, a version which really takes the themes of that release and lays them bare.

A simple guitar and violin arrangement is all this version needs to convey the emotions of the track, pulling at the heartstrings as it does throughout.

This is much more than a new single from Forgotten Garden, it is the epitome of everything this duo are able to create.

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