Bathed In A Red Bathroom, God Of Love Gets Dark In Video For Single “Take You Seriously”

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July 16th, 2021 | For Immediate Release | Dallas, TX
Bathed in a red bathroom, God of Love gets dark in video for new single “Take You Seriously;” RIYL: Bukowski, PJ Harvey, Dostoyevsky, Radiohead, Updike.
Tune taken from upcoming debut “Do Your Worst,” arriving late 2021; See God of Love live at Red Zeppelin Records night, July 30th at Double Wide in Dallas.

James Burnett of God of Love as photographed by Leyton Cheek
God of Love | “Take You Seriously”


“We wanted the video to feel like I was getting ready for some occasion,” says James Burnett about the video for “Take You Seriously,” his new single under the name God of Love. “Whether that occasion was a show, a date, or just getting into a world of trouble.” See it now at Spill Magazine here or the link above.
Burnett continues, “There is a sort of romantic madness involved in the video. While my upcoming album is devastating at parts, this song has a more upbeat, endearing quality and a hopefulness, that says, ‘I’ll take you seriously,’ and in doing so also demands it be taken seriously as well. The video is meant to reflect that desire.”
Recent press coverage of the tune notes that perhaps even if “Take You Seriously” is the lightest track on God of Love’s upcoming Do Your Worst full-length, it still brings the menace.
Stereo Embers Magazine describes “Take You Seriously” as a “delicious blend of swirling new wave and dreamy pop… backed by an infectious synth groove… filled with a dark and twitchy backbeat that builds to a fuzzy crescendo,” declaring that it “Rocks with an undeniably earnest swagger.”
Music discovery blog Fair Shakes and Just Desserts notes the tune’s “Perky percussion and stabby synths,” and then pulls the curtain back, stating, “There’s definitely an endemic level of sociopathology going on behind that turbulent mix that can’t even be concealed behind the catchy hook.”
God of Love | Live

07/30/2021: Dallas, TX @ Double Wide

Red Zeppelin Records Night w/ God of Love, Abbreviations, Bayleigh Cheek


God of Love | About 

James Burnett, the man behind God of Love, took up the piano at 14-years-old just so he could join his older brother’s band.
“We had a small following in Dallas, but by my senior year, we were ready to split up,” he says.
Break-ups and make-ups, Burnett spent the next four or five years in and out of various bands with his brother and friends, recording two albums and moving to Los Angeles for a spell to pursue the dream.
However, he ultimately decided that he was his own best band mate.
“I had always wanted to take my own solo project seriously, so I decided to take advantage and focus on my own writing which takes on a more dark and brooding tone.”
Dark and brooding it is, but also propulsive and gripping on the new single “Take You Seriously” (Red Zeppelin Records) by Burnett’s solo outing God of Love.
“I pulled influences from my teen years for God of Love,” he explains. Bands like RadioheadThe National and Arcade Fire.” In his twenties, Burnett immersed himself in the work of songwriters such as Leonard CohenTownes Van ZandtNick Cave and PJ Harvey.
“They influenced me with a more singular intensity and an endless well of direction,” he says.
Listeners can hear these sounds layered into “Take You Seriously,” which will feature on the upcoming God of Love album and older fans may even hear a touch of Echo and The BunnymenThe Cure and Siouxsie and The Banshees in the mix.
You look good on me
So I’ll show you everything
I know you’re not that funny
So I’ll take you seriously
Lyrically, Burnett also draws inspiration from iconoclastic masters.
“I also had been reading as much as I could and found a lot of inspiration from the likes of UpdikeBukowskiHemingwayDostoyevsky,” Burnett says. “This record brought back a darker tone to my music and explored some of the more disturbing and exciting aspects of my own nature and how I see the world.”
The new single and the album to follow arrive on the heels of a period in Burnett’s life that saw him returning to Dallas for a run of hard times. After getting sober and getting his head together, Burnett is now confident in saying that his new music “is now finished and ready to show to the world.”
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