Sylas Dean Releases New Single “Real”

*The Following Press Release Was Issued By Sylas Dean*

Sylas Dean Releases “Real” A Cyberpunk Pop Fantasia Singe Release: Real 

● Small town songwriter Sylas Dean releases his first new single; Real, following the debut of his EP American Dreeming. A cyberpunk fantasia with a synthwave influence similar to that of The Weeknd, Real is a powerhouse plethora of a revenge anthem with dance undertones. 

● Rising to the surface of the underground power pop scene among similar artists such as Slayyter and Dorian Electra, Sylas is fully ingrained in the fantasy of a cyberpunk heartthrob in all of the electric vibrancy we could ask for. 

● Originally from a small town on the East Coast – Dean drove straight across the country with hundreds of songs written to reinvent himself as “Sylas Dean.” A dance-driven sound accompanied with colorful club kid imagery. 

Real explores the halfway point between fantasy and reality as a relationship falls apart and one questions sincerity. A combination of synthwave and a cyberpunk pop, Real is the revenge song of the ages cloaked in a menacing baseline and a classic hook.

● In collaboration with producers such as Stefan Schonewille, Justin de Vries and engineered with Ivan Fiallos Zambrano from Jason Derulo’s ‘Colors’. 

*Photo Credit – Bryce Anthony*

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