Radio Free Universe Release Official Video For “Circle”

*The Following Press Release Was Issued By Radio Free Universe*

[Danielle Donville, Ballad Creative]

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I’m stoked to share our video for “Circle” with you. It comes from a collection of songs formed during a tumultuous year of transition and self-discovery. Shaped by personal experience and real emotion, we have been reminded what it means to be human and why music matters. 

Circle,” in particular, pays homage to my wedding which took place in a circle of flowers on a beach in Cuba, and represents a strengthened commitment to my marriage and family. 

Meet me by the sea where our love was born to be
And all that we believed was a circle unbroken
We can’t save the sky, unless we learn to fly
Forever you and I in a circle unbroken 

Watch and share the heartwarming music video for “Circle,”which starts out in a playroom with kids performing on toy mics and instruments, on YouTube

George Panagopoulos

Radio Free Universe 

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