Music Bugle Exclusive – Q & A – Seth Kessel

Photo courtesy of Seth Kessel Facebook page.

By Nicholas Jason Lopez

A bridge between the classic and contemporary, Brooklyn, N.Y.-based songwriter/guitarist Seth Kessel can nearly do it all, eager to do his predecessors like Elvis Presley, Johnny Cash and The Clash justice.

He will release his new album ‘Ride On Through’ on June 25, 2021, which features his singles “Sweet Little Crazy” and “A Couple In Love.”

The Music Bugle had the chance to talk with him about his new music and more.

Music Bugle – What excites you the most about your style of music? 

Seth Kessel – Probably, the tonality of the recording. I love the way old rock ‘n’ roll sounds. That’ll usually grab me first and then, I kinda let it unfold and pick apart the rest.

Music Bugle – Which of your songs were the hardest to write? 

Seth Kessel – This is a great question. It seems the deeper and more emotional songs were easiest to write because they came pouring out, but “A Couple In Love” took the longest, lyrically. I’m telling a whole story in three short rhythmic verses, so there was a lot of editing and changing direction. Also, I put a lot of time into my guitar solos. I can improvise all day, but when it goes on a record, I write it out.

Music Bugle – Who are you listening to right now, music-wise? 

Seth Kessel – The Misfits – Danzig only, The Ventures, Willie Nelson and friends that release music. Lara Hope and the Ark-tones, Sam Carlson, Sweet Megg, Aaron Frazer, Screamin’ Rebel Angels and Daddy Long Legs.

Music Bugle – What made you want to release “Sweet Little Crazy” as a single?

Seth Kessel – Since releasing a bunch of rock ‘n’ roll, I wanted to have a palette cleanser-type track. I play and listen to a ton of country, so I wanted to put that out there. Also, it’s just different and quirky.

Music Bugle – What was your goal for your new album ‘Ride On Through’? 

Seth Kessel – To make a badass album!

Music Bugle – How have you been affected by the COVID-19 pandemic? 

Seth Kessel – Besides getting reacquainted with my couch, I’ve felt the whole gamut of emotions that everyone has felt, but for the long haul of Covid, I’ve been able to get more done business-wise with my music.

Music Bugle – Where do you go when you need a break? 

Seth Kessel – No such thing, but the closest thing to a break would be shifting gears. I like going out in the country or the mountains. Maybe Upstate New York, or down to Asheville or somewhere in Tennessee. A lot of good writing and practicing happens there.

Music Bugle – What do you hope for from the rest of 2021?

Seth Kessel – Just to enjoy my days and get shit done. Hopefully, I’ll have more recordings that I’m proud of.

Music Bugle – Does social media help or hurt musicians? 

Seth Kessel – Certainly can do a lot or a little of both.

Music Bugle – What’s a quote that motivates you to keep doing what you do? 

Seth Kessel – I don’t have a particular quote. I think about what I want out of life and what I can do next to help that happen.

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