The BRKN Release New EP ‘Come Outside’

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The Denver trio The BRKN wrap energetic pop in warm synths, straddling punk, alternative, indie rock and electronic all at once on their EP, Come Outside available on all streaming platforms now. Stream it here:

The BRKN is Jacob Cade [vocals, guitar], Mike Bokenkamp [drums] and MJ Younkers [guitar.] “It’s an explosive set of rockin’, poppy, punky and synthy songs” – I’m Music Magazine

“We want you to know we’re going through the same things you are and we’re your friends from far away,” exclaims Jacob. “I’m so passionate about music because it’s the only thing that made me feel less alone. When you’re sad or alienated, music will be there.”

The BRKN released their debut EP ‘No. 3’ in early 2020 and headed out on what was supposed to be a lengthy tour run, but after one date, the world went into quarantine due to Covid-19 and the band headed home. Stuck at home and afforded the time to experiment, the three-piece stretched the boundaries of their signature style. Nodding to influences such as Prince, Michael Jackson and The 1975, they seamlessly integrated synths into their sonic palette.

They paved the way for Come Outside with a series of songs and videos for “Be Cool,” “Calm Down,” “Lovers” and “Lost Boy.” Also on the EP, “Fake Love” struts forward on a wild and uncontainable guitar riff before snapping back into another bombastic refrain. “It’s my thought process on people who want to be your friend for untrue reasons,” Jacob says.

On the other end of the spectrum, “Therapy Session” moves like a sunny and upbeat bop, but cuts much deeper. “It’s written as a conversation about why love is not going well for me,” Jacob adds. “Our vibe is ultimately fun, but nihilistic.”

“Pop that assimilates everything from soul to indie, funk to rock to create something new and modern. Pop that is totally fresh yet wonderfully familiar. More than anything else, it is pop that is fun, as all pop should be. Pop with a PhD” – Dancing About Architecture

“When we were in Nashville, I was having a bad day,” Jacob admits. “I sat outside, cracked a beer and looked up at the stars. My thoughts got louder. I asked, ‘Why am I here?’ So, I opened the sliding door and yelled to Mike and MJ, ‘Come outside!’ I set up three chairs and told them about my whole life and why it led me to create in brutally honest detail. It was where all the songs came from.” 

By opening up in these songs, The BRKN present the kind of human connection you’d only forge with your closest friends. “When you hear this, I’d love for you to find peace,” says Jacob.  “I also want you to know you’re not alone. Everything is going to be alright.”

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