Petros Fuzzhead Releases Video For “I Know Who You Are”

*The Following Press Release Was Issued By Petros Fuzzhead*

I Know Who You Are” is the second single out of Fuzzhead’s forthcoming debut album “The War Is Near.”

The single – which was released on May 31st with the video following a few days later – comes with the live version of the same song taken from Petros Fuzzhead live at EHM, as well as its home demo version as a bonus track on all streaming platforms. 

The single is raw, it is aggressive and it’s a part of an inner monologue with no beginning and no end, a monologue having as imaginary protagonists of the story all those human character traits you love to hate or rather that’s what you want to believe.

The Video was created by Fuzzhead using video footage and visuals taken from RtR, as well as personal visual archives & video frames collection.

–      Lyrics/Music/Arrangements  by Petros Fuzzhead Vyzoukis

–      Production/Recording/Engineering/Editing by Panos Papakostas (Noisyland Recordings) & Petros Fuzzhead Vyzoukis

–      Mixed & Mastered by Panos Papakostas

Petros Fuzzhead (fullband)

–      Petros Fuzzhead Vyzoukis : Guitars/Vocals/Noise/Shaker

–      Maria Choleva : Bass Guitar

–      Efthimis Sfairopoulos : Bass

–      Nikodimos Papoutsis : Drums

Fuzzhead Linktree








*Photo Credit – Nontas Garafas*

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