Lavasocks And Sell The Heart Records Unveil Two More Tracks From ‘…And Out Come The Lawsuits!’ Rancid Covers Album

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Lavasocks and Sell The Heart Records Unveil Two More Tracks From “…And Out Come The Lawsuits!” Rancid Covers Album 

Lavasocks and Sell The Heart Records have teamed up to release …And Out Come The Lawsuits!, a compilation of Bay Area bands covering the classic Rancid album. You can listen to two new songs now…..

Listen: Flying Raccoon Suit “Time Bomb”
Listen: Sarchasm “Journey To the End of the East Bay”

Rancid’s genre-defining 1995 album, …And Out Come The Wolves, was an unexpected, cataclysmal explosion of punk into the mainstream. Countless bands and musicians since, from Anti-Flag to Worriers, have cited this record as their introduction to the genre and the entire world of punk music and DIY. To honor Wolves’ impact on the music we make today, 19 bands have come together to reimagine the album, connected through the DIY ethos they learned from this record. …And Out Come The Lawsuits! is a 25th anniversary album running on punk time, releasing June 4th, 2021 on Lavasocks and Sell The Heart Records.

Maxwell Murder – Stay Wild
11th Hour – Little Debbie & The Crusaders
Roots Radicals – Get Married
Time Bomb – Flying Raccoon Suit
Olympia WA – Hammerbombs
Lock, Step & Gone – Omnigone
Junkie Man – Link 80
Listed MIA – Matamoska
Ruby Soho – Pretty Frankenstein
Daly City Train – Matt Moua
Journey to the End of the East Bay – Sarchasm
She’s Automatic – Vantana Row
Old Friend – Worriers
Disorder and Disarray – Public Safety
The Wars End – angelboy + the halos
You Don’t Care Nothin’ – school bus driver
As Wicked – Danger Inc.
Avenues & Alleyways – Adult School
The Way I Feel – Bad Idol

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