Aeroviper Releases New Album ‘Out Of The World’

*The Following Press Release Was Issued By Aeroviper*

About album:

My first album “Out of the World” came out on May 31. It is a culmination of inspirations ranging across synthwave, outrun and spacewave, a nod to my old favorites. Inspirations including classic synth music, compositions inspired from 80s cinema, video games and space. It features a range of my work, some of the ideas going back several years ago, along with plenty of new additions. I mixed the album before turning it over to synthwave artist and engineer Vincenzo Salvia for mastering. I’m a huge fan of the KORG lineup and for this album I used the JUNO in pretty much all of my tracks with other virtual instruments.

About me:

BIO – Human

Never in the present, with one foot in the past and the other in the future.

I’ve been making music under the radar for years. After learning multiple instruments, my brother introduced me to Ableton and I made it my mission to cut on my teeth on Synthwave, as I immediately gravitated towards its independence, nostalgia and style. As I began sharing my tracks with family and friends, I knew I had support before taking my first track “Gravity” to Spotify and meeting people on Instagram within this past year, which yielded a collaboration “Osaka Heat.” I learned to compose in Ableton with meticulous annotation, as well as how to mix and combine both keyboard playing and automation as a style, with rhythmic full circle melodies and layering, ambience and revolving basslines. I make all kinds of Synthwave, including darksynth/cyberpunk and cinematic compositions. I am constantly composing music and only within this year, began putting it out there and sharing it with the world. I welcome you to check out any tracks on this release, my SoundCloud and/or Instagram, where I am active – constantly posting new ideas or tracks I’ve made. #synthwave (Music featured on Hubspot’s “Weird Work” podcast.




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