Phantom Atlantic Releases Official Audio Video For “Man Like You”

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At the core of this song is a paradox that we think a lot of us experience at some point: we chase whatever will allow us to feel at peace with ourselves, but the only way to actually get there is to stop the chase. 

When we were making “Man Like You,” we talked a lot about somebody finally getting to the summit of a mountain, only to see an endless range of other mountains waiting on the other side. 

Those kinds of moments you have where your expectations collide hard with reality is what gave us the idea to make the song build towards a triumphant sounding climax which ultimately collapses on itself at the end. 

This track is taken from our upcoming EP, Your View of a Former Me, out June 18th. Of all the tracks on the EP, “Man Like You” is where our co-writer and producer, Steve Molella, pushed us to experiment the most. 

We experimented with various directions, from straight-ahead rock to something verging on nu-metal, before we landed on the final version which sits closer to the alternative side of the alt rock spectrum for us. 

We can’t wait to share the full narrative of Your View of a Former Me with you on June 18th

– Phantom Atlantic

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