Crystal Lady Releases Lyric Video For “Vampires (Need To Get Laid Too)”

*The Following Press Release Was Issued By Crystal Lady*

(ST. LOUIS, MO)—Alternative rock band, Crystal Lady has released ‘“Vampires (Need To Get Laid Too),” the third single off their upcoming album “Hurricane.” “Vampires (Need To Get Laid Too)” is a heavy, high-energy rock tune, intended to be a metaphor about emotional vampires sucking the life out of those they come in contact with, the song took more of a literal turn in the writing process. However, the meaning behind the lyrics is deeper than it appears on the surface. 

The song uses vampiric themes and tropes to draw a comparison between getting romantically involved with someone who is a walking red flag and becoming involved with a literal vampire.

“Vampires (Need To Get Laid Too)” cruises through the emotional roller coaster of ignoring the warning signs in the early stages of new love, leading up to the discovery of your reality once it’s already too late. While most people can still get out of a draining relationship without being turned into a vampire, both scenarios can feel like being trapped with no escape.

“Vampires (Need To Get Laid Too)” is available NOW on all streaming platforms. Crystal Lady’s full-length album will be released later this year.

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