Bruce Lee Band Releases Rambunctious Single “BLT”

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Bruce Lee Band releases rambunctious single “BLT” 

Jeff Rosenstock sings in Korean in second single from upcoming ‘Division in the Heartland’ EP

SAN JOSE, CA — May 6, 2021 — Today, the Bruce Lee Band released “BLT,” a propulsive and joyous follow-up to the group’s politically potent “Division in the Heartland” single, via Asian Man Records. Over its minute-and-a-half runtime, singer Jeff Rosenstock blasts through the song’s Korean-language lyrics, gleefully slamming the door on anyone who thinks that ska-punk is dead.

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This second single from the upcoming Division in the Heartland EP captures the Bruce Lee Band’s infectious, spontaneous energy. The veteran ska-punk band – featuring Mike Park, Jeff Rosenstock, Dan Potthast and Kevin Higuchi – met up over the course of a long Thanksgiving weekend to let off some quarantine steam. “BLT” perfectly showcases the band’s attitude of preparing just enough to make something great.

“BLT” is, in part, about craving tasty food but not having the money to pay for it, as well as being without power or hope. As with much of the Division in the Heartland EP, it works a socially conscious message into a track bubbling over with raucous enthusiasm.

“Part of me was excited to do it because it feels fresh to sing in a different language and I thought our pals in Korea might have fun singing along with Mike’s vague nonsense phrases, shouted by an idiot with a lot of heart,” Jeff says. “I think we often look at language as a barrier, but it’s actually a window into someone else’s reality and that s— is beautiful to me.”

Division in the Heartland will release May 28 on all major streaming platforms, as well as physically on limited-edition 12” random colored vinyl through Asian Man Records. 

The Bruce Lee Band is Mike Park (Skankin’ Pickle, Bruce Lee Band) on vocals/saxophone, Jeff Rosenstock on bass/keys/saxophone, Dan Potthast (MU330) on guitar, and Kevin Higuchi (Jeff Rosenstock) on drums.

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