Bob Katsionis Will Take Over The Soundtrack Of A Well-Known Video Game Remake

*The Following Press Release Was Issued By Angels PR*

Bob Katsionis will take over the soundtrack of a well-known video game remake!

Nothing seems to stand in the way between Bob Katsionis’ love for heavy metal and video games: one year after the release of “Amadeus Street Warrior: A Fictional 16-Bit Game Soundtrack,” now is the time to give us some more exciting music through the soundtrack for the remake of the classic 80’s ZX Spectrum game “Target: Renegade” for the Spectrum Next console/computer.

According to Bob:

“I grew up playing games and now, in my 40s, I play more than ever. Without knowing it, my music has always been influenced by the soundtracks of those great 90’s games like ‘Shadow Of The Beast,’ ‘Turrican,’ ‘Outrun,’ etc. and I’ve always wanted to make my own soundtrack for a game that people are going to enjoy playing. Since I never had the chance to do it, last year I wrote an entire album’s worth of music for a fictional game ‘Amadeus Street Warrior,’ so I would like to thank the W.A.S.P guys for giving me the chance to do so and hopefully the REAL ‘Amadeus Street Warrior’ game will come alive sooner or later. For now, my target is…Target Renegade!”

You can check “Amadeus Street Warrior” and learn more about Bob’s discography here:

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