Atlanta’s dim Releases New Single “Break You Down” – Now Streaming Everywhere; Track Examines The Vicious Cycles Of A Toxic Relationship

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Atlanta’s dim Releases New Single “Break You Down” – Now Streaming Everywhere

Track Examines The Vicious Cycles Of A Toxic Relationship
Stream “Break You Down” Here 
“What happens when you mix former members of The Dangerous Summer and Woe, Is Me? A calming emo outfit with an angsty metalcore edge? No, not even close. In the case of emerging Atlanta act dim – you get a riveting pop-influenced group with soothing rock sounds similar to the likes Emarosa, The Spill Canvas and Have Mercy.”- The Noise
Watch The Music Video Here 
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Atlanta’s dim delivers an energetic and emotional pop-rock sound that feels like a sucker punch to your heart.

Featuring singer Matt Mulkey (Young Mountain, MOLEKEY, ex-Woe Is Me), drummer Ben Cato (ex-The Dangerous Summer), and guitarists Nick LowryCharlie Pinkard – have come together to be “the light into the dawn” during the confusion and chaos of this modern world.

The band’s moving new song “Break You Down” follows on the heels of their previous single “Start Over Again.”

“Break You Down” is now streaming here:

Watch the music video here:

Music video filmed, directed, & edited by: Arnley Sena of SLPWLKR

Recorded & Co-produced by: Jeremy Nichols of Space Jockey Sound

TRIGGER WARNING: If you are experiencing domestic violence / abuse please visit​ or call 1-800-799-SAFE (7233)

Mulkey says, “”Break You Down” was written about the cycles that happen during a toxic relationship…it’s a constant back-and-forth that keeps going round while trying to just get through to the person on the other side.

The bridge comes in with our favorite lyric of the song, ‘cause I don’t wanna bleed anymore, I’m now complete and made whole.’ It signals a moment in a relationship where you’re tired of the cycles, you’ve grown and healed, and are sick of the hurt that takes place.

The music video goes through an example of this. Showing a couple going through fights, hitting a point of wanting to heal and thinking back on all the good memories, and then coming back together after the destruction has been done.”

Watch for more new music from dim in the months ahead!

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