HEY LIFE Unleashes New Socially-Engaged Single Featuring Eskemo: Ombre

*The Following Press Release Was Issued By 4us Records*

HEY LIFE with Eskemo 



HEY LIFE and Eskemo are going to war against intolerance. 

With 350,000 streams and a daily growing community, the young alternative rock group HEY LIFE teams up with Eskemo and strikes again with a new explosive song: ‘Ombre.’

Having joined the 4us Records label (Eskemo, Behind Locked Doors, Yenne …), HEY LIFE invited Romain Brois (Eskemo – vocals) to put his voice on this anthem to tolerance. 

Julien Jung (HEY LIFE – vocals) tells us: “The song’s theme came to me following an observation I made: I realized that in our society, people often take a stand against freedoms which are not of their concern. Sometimes, they even fight against causes which, whatever the outcome, will not impact their own lives at all. I felt a strong feeling of injustice in front of this and of all those who can still, in 2021, say things like, ‘Gays don’t bother me, as long as they don’t show themselves in public.’ In our society where the LGBTQI+ community is more and more represented in the media, we have decided to speak up as well. ‘Ombre’ is this anthem to tolerance screaming: ‘Mind your own business and let others live their lives!'”  

The music video was directed and produced by Benjamin Bachelard (Disclosure Productions), who managed to capture the energy and the provocative aspect of the song. On the mixing side, the band worked with producer Bertrand Poncet, singer of Chunk! No, Captain Chunk!. 

HEY LIFE released ‘Ombre’ on April 29 through the young French alternative label 4us Records. 

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