Petros Fuzzhead Release Video Of Live Performance At EHM

*The Following Press Release Was Issued By Petros Fuzzhead*

This is Petros Fuzzhead’s Live Concert in full at EHM, which was broadcasted on April 17, 2021 on ITV, presenting material from his forthcoming debut album. 

Following the end of a 20-year period being the songwriter/frontman for The Fuzzy Nerds, Petros Fuzzhead moves on with a personal project carrying fuzzy echoes and elements never shared before…  


1. Bored

2. Αχάριστη (Βασίλης Τσιτσάνης Cover)

3. Lobotomy

4. The Secret Of The Holy Bean

5. Out Of Your Box

6. Blind Them Please…

7. Dreamer

8. I Know Who You Are

9. The Blue Ocean

10. Soviet?

Petros Fuzzhead (full band) –

Petros Fuzzhead Vyzoukis – Vox/Guitar/Mellodica

Maria Choleva – FX Bass Guitar

Efthimis Sfairopoulos – Bass

Nikodimos Papoutsis – Drums/Backing Vocals

Sound by Thomas Nastos (Vision of Sound)

Filmed & Directed by Kostis Emmanouilidis

*All songs written & arranged by Petros Fuzzhead Vyzoukis, except “Αχάριστη” which was originally written by Βασίλης Τσιτσάνης in 1942

*Cover arrangements at “Αχάριστη” by Petros Fuzzhead Vyzoukis Petros Fuzzhead Music



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*Photo Credit – Kostiz Kos*

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