Matilda Lindell Teams With Women Around The World For “Dancing Queen” Video

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Matilda Lindell Releases “Dancing Queen” Cover

Powerful Swedish Vocalist Puts a Spin on the Classic ABBA Hit
New York, NY – Matilda Lindell has released her idyllic cover of ABBA’s classic hit, “Dancing Queen.” The experienced singer puts her twist on the legendary disco track by adding vulnerability and a fragile sound. “Dancing Queen” was released in honor of Women’s History Month and is now available to download and stream on digital platforms worldwide

Matilda Lindell’s rendition of “Dancing Queen” goes beyond the happy lyrics and upbeat groove. “My version is about female empowerment and encouragement,” Lindell says. “Through the struggles, we need to believe in ourselves and also support each other. A celebration to women!” The track was a perfect complement to Women’s History Month and International Women’s Day. Lindell creates an almost filmic tone allowing listeners to set their minds free and embrace a new experience. “The familiar melodies are discovered in a new way,” she adds. “The essence of the original song is there, but I have created a new perspective and I hope, a new emotional journey for the listener.” Powerful vocals intertwined with an emotional effort to capture the listener pose a level of relatability in “Dancing Queen.” It’s raw and genuine. Lindell created the updated arrangement for the single, while she co-created the string arrangement alongside Erik Arvinder, whose father played violin on the ABBA original. The song was co-produced and mixed by Andrew Lipke at The Studio Lounge in Philadelphia, PA.

Matilda Lindell was born and raised in Stockholm, Sweden. It was singing that made her most happy early on in life. “I have been singing since before I could talk,” Lindell admits. “I have always expressed myself through music, singing and performance. I have never had anything else than a singer in mind for a profession.” At the age of 26, Lindell began touring the United States as one of the principal singers in the tribute act “ABBA THE CONCERT.” She has performed at various venues, including The Hollywood Bowl in Los Angeles and Wolf Trap Performing Arts Centre just outside of Washington D.C. She’s also had one of her original songs nominated for CARA (the A cappella world’s Grammy equivalent). Lindell’s time on tour sparked the desire to create something personal for herself as the classic songs became such a monumental part of her life. Her upcoming EP is a fascinating deep dive into ABBA and includes interpretations of a selection of ABBA songs that have brought special meaning to her over the years. With a solo EP, It Should Be Easier (2017) and a handful of original singles already under her belt, Lindell continues on her journey as a solo artist. 

Listeners are bound to be drawn in by Matilda Lindell’s captivating presence and earnest sound. Her unique version of “Dancing Queen” is available now for  download or streaming on digital music platforms. Follow Matilda Lindell’s journey on socials @matildalindellofficial or by visiting her website at


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