Phantom Atlantic Release Official Audio For “No Way To Live”

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Time is precious. If you’re not being real and fair with yourself to the highest degree, you are invariably wasting your life and more importantly, wasting the time of those that care about you. 

For all those experiences you’ve had where you thought the best outcome would be to sidestep the truth, you’ll eventually see you would have been better off facing reality head-on. 

No Way to Live” is a sharp reprisal against the self-destructive patterns of behaviour that we know are dragging us down, but still struggle to break. 

We made the song with Steve Molella, the drummer for Finger Eleven, who’s also an incredibly talented producer and songwriter. 

I was choosing severe selfishness, self-deception and really hurting people. “No Way to Live” came from reaching a boiling point and just wanting to drop an anvil on my life, which was getting out of control. The title is on the nose for a reason. There was so much bullshitting myself and others going on and it was time to say something out in the open that was unequivocally true. 

Say what you feel and mean what you do.

– Kyle of Phantom Atlantic 

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