Epic Merch Store Has An Unique Merchandise Concept And Announces The 200th Artist: A Wilhelm Scream

*The Following Press Release Was Issued By Epic Merch Store*

Epic Merch Store has an unique merchandising concept and announces the 200th artist: A Wilhelm Scream

The Dutch merchandise website Epic Merch Store has an unique merchandising concept and announces the 200th artist on their platform, USA based melodic hardcore punk band: A Wilhelm Scream.

A Wilhelm Scream started in New Bedford, Massachusetts in 2003 after being active since 1992 under other band names and is a well-known band within the hardcore punk, punk rock and skate punk scene. They played all major festivals and toured the globe countless times. As from today, their merchandise is available worldwide through Epic Merch Store. This marks a new milestone for Epic Merch Store, A Wilhelm Scream is the 200th artist on the merchandiser’s website.

Epic Merch Store is a Dutch merchandising company, founded in 2019 with the philosophy of giving smaller and bigger bands the opportunity of having a full online merch store. They use an unique concept. By working with partners in for example North-America, South-America, Europe, Japan and Australia, they produce nearby the final customer. This prevents unnecessary shipping, which fits perfectly with modern environmentally conscious thinking.  They avoid custom fees and offer quick delivery, low shipping rates and also flat rate shipping. No matter how many items a customer orders, the shipping rates stay the same.

Epic Merch Store uses the latest Digital To Garment (DTG) and embroidery techniques. This avoids working with stock, no upfront investments and also no return on investment time for bands. This all in contrast with traditional screen printing.

In two years time, Epic Merch Store became a well known company with 200 artists and counting. The merchandiser created a platform where fans can get merchandise from all their favorite bands in one buy, from smaller bands to well established.

A part of the profits are reinvested in the scene by sponsoring podcasts, websites and blogs among others. With every purchase at Epic Merch Store, you’re not only supporting your favorite band, but you also contribute to these media, initiatives and the scene in general. Epic Merch Store has their own podcast as well,  “The Northern Underground Podcast,” with which they give extra promotional opportunities to their artists.

Besides A Wilhelm Scream you’ll also find merchandise for Pulley, Voodoo Glow Skulls, Death By Stereo, 3 Inches Of Blood, Useless ID, Undeclinable Ambuscade, The Rumjacks, Down By Law, Save Ferris, The Toasters and numerous other bands and artists on Epic Merch Store (www.epicmerchstore.com).

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