MxPx Announces Free Live Show On The Internet & New Single

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BREMERTON, WA | April 6, 2021: MxPx has announced the next live-on-the-internet event, Between This World and the Next, slated for April 16th, 2021. The event will be streaming for FREE on YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and TikTok. Coinciding with this event will be the worldwide release of the band’s newest single, “Can’t Keep Waiting,” available on all DSPs. “Can’t Keep Waiting” was first played LIVE on the Between This World and the Next series. The fans got to see the song change and take shape every stream until it became what the band will be releasing next month.

A few years ago, MxPx decided it was time to amp up their game and bet on themselves in the music market. Through vast innovations, releasing new music and continuous fan engagement, MxPx has not only been thriving but has been on top of the world.  As one of the first few bands to fully own all their content, MxPx has reimagined their work in new ways. Just last week, the band sold out a vinyl record Box Set of all 10 of their Full-Length albums in under an hour.

2020 was a real testament to this highly-driven conquest of the band. MxPx has embraced the DIY lifestyle, playing multiple sold-out headlining concerts early in the year before the pandemic changed their path. The band had also independently booked a full Australian tour, as well as their own festival in their hometown before the start of the pandemic, but those plans were put to a halt too. However, that didn’t stop MxPx from reaching their fans, adapting with whichever resources they had. MxPx started a free acoustic live show on the internet called Life In Quarantine throughout April and May of 2020. The “Life In Quarantine” sessions were put together as a collection, which was released on double LP vinyl, produced and sold to look back on this “hopefully” once-in-a-lifetime event. With social distanced home recordings, MxPx started releasing new music. First was “Worries,” an energetic, fast-paced song generating the message; “I’m not worried, I’ll be fine,” spreading hope during a dark time for everyone. This was then followed by “Fever Dream,” which also anchored to the emotions of the world.

MxPx then dove into a full-band live on the internet series called Between This World and the Next which they plan to keep going throughout 2021. The imagery of the art was of a new dark world, but coming back to life with the vibrant colors of the city. “I wanna build a new chapter of MxPx and I want to do it live,” said lead singer Mike Herrera in the first promotional announcement. These interactive live shows started in October of 2020 and showcase the band in their element.  To date, the band has played 118 different songs from their catalog throughout the series and are constantly introducing fans to things they haven’t heard before and have set out to change the way they reach fans for the long run. As noted by Complex, “While some [artists] have stuck to one-off tour-emulating specials…to more intimate productions like punk band MXPX’s practice space sessions—have elected to experiment with a format that may very well remain a fixture in the industry even post-pandemic.”

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Between This World and the Next FREE SHOW

Friday, April 16th, 6:30 pm PST

No signup necessary

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