Finnish Singer-Songwriter Mauri Dark And His Two-Year-Old Daughter Explore A Burnt Forest In His New Post-Apocalyptic Music Video “Love Will Prevail”

*The Following Press Release Was Issued By Mauri Dark*

Mauri Dark And His Daughter Star In Timely New Music Video

Finnish Singer-Songwriter Mauri Dark and his two-year-old daughter explore a burnt forest in his new post-apocalyptic music video “Love Will Prevail”

“Some of the most inspired music we’ve heard in a generation” – Daily Dose

“This is far and away one of the most enthralling debuts” – NeuFutur Magazine

Top 20 UK iTunes singer-songwriter Mauri Dark is quickly becoming known for his stark, cinematic and striking music videos. His music video debut “Dreams Of a Middle Aged Man” has been selected for the International Music Video Awards, Europa Film Awards, Pune Short Film Festival, the Rome Music Video Awards and others. Now, Dark is joined by his young daughter for a walk through post-apocalyptic lands in “Love Will Prevail.”

Shot in Muhos, Finland, with cinematographer Vesa Ranta, the footage for “Love Will Prevail” was intended as a side story to “Dreams Of a Middle Aged Man.” The video was released on March 31st, 2021.

Mauri Dark says, “The ‘Love Will Prevail’ music video is a dreamy journey through an apocalyptic, burnt forest, together with my two-year-old daughter. There is no purer form of love than the love towards your own child. My daughter, Hymni, is the star and director of the show. I love her more than anyone else. Dressed in white and with a white balloon tied to her back, she guided us through each take with her innocent, playful, intuition. This video is a wonderful memory for both of us. Editing it was a heartfelt experience. Just watching her being her beautiful, pure, self, unable to fake or act. If we could only maintain a tiny part of the pure love and joy a child has simply being alive this world would be a wonderful place. Love Will Prevail!”

“Dreams Of A Middle-Aged Man,” the album, was written, produced, recorded and performed by Mauri Dark. The sound was crafted with Mixing Engineer / Associate Producer Hiili Hiilesmaa (HIM, Apocalyptica), Two-time Grammy Winning Mastering Engineer Vlado Meller (Metallica, Johnny Cash) and Associate Producer Jussi Vuola.


Born Mauri Kosonen in 1978 and based in Turku, Finland, Mauri Dark is a singer/songwriter, multi-instrumentalist, established musician and a professional visual artist. He has recorded eight albums and performed more than 500 shows in 25 years with different bands. He is best known for five albums with metal duo, Mystons. “Dreams Of A Middle-Aged Man” is Mauri Dark’s first solo album. It includes a Top 10 South Africa iTunes hit and a Top 20 iTunes UK hit.



2 thoughts on “Finnish Singer-Songwriter Mauri Dark And His Two-Year-Old Daughter Explore A Burnt Forest In His New Post-Apocalyptic Music Video “Love Will Prevail”

  1. A very emphatically powerful single from this man. I’ve never been a fan of this artist, but I may very well check in on some other bits of his work. Know any good ones I should check out? Thanks.

  2. Hey there! Definitely his previous singles are worth checking out!

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