UK-Based Mouth Culture Signs With InVogue Records; Stream Official Audio For “bonnie and clyde”

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UK-Based Mouth Culture Signs With InVogue Records
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United Kingdom based Mouth Culture signs with Ohio-based InVogue Records.

“It is better to fail in originality than to succeed in imitation.” – Herman Melville

A quote that encapsulates this eclectic quintet, Mouth Culture hails from Leicester, UK; a small, bustling city that is usually disregarded when you think of the UK music scene. With the likes of fellow Leicester bands Kasabian and Easy Life, Mouth Culture are aiming to be a household name in their city.

Invogue Records owner Nick Moore recalls, “I randomly came across ’15 Missed Calls’ one day browsing YouTube and I was instantly hooked to this band. I dove into their catalog and listened on repeat for weeks. We are very thankful to be working with this talented group of guys at IVR and we know they are headed to some big things in the music scene.”

Mouth Culture Socials 

InVogue Records Socials 
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