Tristan Welch Releases Video For “I Live In Filth”

*The Following Press Release Was Issued By Somewherecold Records*

Tristan Welch is a musician and artist based in the Washington, D.C. metropolitan area. His focus is creating soundscapes via electric guitar, treated with electronics. A self-professed fascination with minimalism and repetition is evident in his work- a hypnotic layering of melodics that evolve and dissipate while maintaining a steady tone center.

Combining the sounds of guitar, synths and effects Tristan Welch has crafted over the years, he completed an album called ‘Ambient Distress’; a collection of songs depicting universal life frustrations and the beauty of overcoming them. This collection of sounds combines an influence of instrumental ambient music, post rock and avant-garde composition to create a sound that he has found to be his own.

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