Keegan Powell Releases Video For “Rock N Roll Kind Of Night”

*The Following Press Release Was Issued By Keegan Powell*

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After watching a hand full of documentaries one night on the tumultuous lives of Miles Davis & Elvis, the spark was lit for the initial inspiration for my new song, “Rock N Roll Kind Of Night,” I started writing the song as a tongue and cheek take on the emotional rollercoaster these great artists put themselves through while attempting to climb the ladder of the entertainment industry. It always seemed no matter how well they were doing at any given point they were always trying to run away from something, to something else. That journey they were taking inspired me to pick up the guitar, because at the time of writing, I felt I was on quite the journey myself. 

The song eventually morphed into a more personal dark romantic tale. It captures the moment that a loved one hits a breaking point after a lengthy toxic relationship. “Rock N Roll Kind Of Night” describes the feeling of deciding to get out of a negative situation in a melodramatic fashion. 

Watch the official “Rock N Roll Kind Of Night“music video on YouTube now. 

Rock N Roll Kind Of Night,” along with three other tracks from my album, was written during a week-long writing trip to Silver Lake, Los Angeles in Summer 2019. 

Thanks for giving it a listen,

Keegan Powell 

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