The Zolas Release Lyric Video For “I Feel The Transition”

*The Following Press Release Was Issued By The Zolas*

Other than just being a solid pre-game mood, our new song, “I Feel the Transition,” is mainly a diss track to centrists in 2020: a year of explosive change, but heavy on the explosive and light on the change.  

We’ve got a whole generation coming of age and immediately noticing that the politicians in power don’t have the spine to make real moves on climate change, wealth disparity, or countless other issues. 
None of us have a silver bullet, but the system clearly needs flipping. As this generation starts flexing their influence, you can feel so many little waves building into one big one to make the transition. 

It’s 2020, “The Times They Are A-Changin'” with better vocals or “A Change Is Gonna Come” with way worse. 

Thank you for spending time with this track. 

All the best,
Zach, Dwi, Coco 

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