New Trentemøller Remix Of The Mission ‘Tower Of Strength’ Remake Released

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ReMission International

TOS2020 / Trentemøller remix 

SPV Records 

2 October 2020
New Trentemøller remix of The Mission ‘Tower Of Strength’ remake released

Full ‘TOS2020’ EP out now for Covid frontline charities (involves Wayne Hussey, Gary Numan, Martin Gore, Midge Ure, Miles Hunt, Andy Rourke + other music luminaries)

Dedicated with love and gratitude to the frontline workersof the world” – Wayne Hussey

“An absolute honour to be involved” – Gary Numan

“Today, as we face an unprecedented crisis with COVID 19, we have to be united in purpose to help humanity and especially the disenfranchised and impoverished among us, survive. Music can be a powerful way to join us all together and help those that need it most now” – Lol Tolhurst

#TOS2020 – the remake of the The Mission’s anthemic hit ‘Tower Of Strength’ released to raise money for Covid-related charities worldwide – is out now digitally, along with two new videos – for the Trentemøller remix and a new lyric video, including many of the artists involved. All proceeds to charities personally chosen by each contributor.

From #TOS2020 creator Wayne Hussey:“This new video for the beautiful Trentemøller remix of ‘Tower Of Strength 2020’ was directed by James Sharples. The live footage is taken from a Mission video and shows us setting up before a gig, and it deliberately ends on a hopeful note to remind us that in the not too distant future we can all get together to make and enjoy loud music in a room again.”  

“At the moment the money raised by TOS2020 is close to £100k, which is fantastic. It won’t stop once it’s out and will continue to raise money as long as orders are placed and streaming and publishing revenues come in. The funds will continue to accumulate, which is exactly what we wanted…. I want to keep thanking everyone for their support – it’s a hard time financially for people and there’s a long road ahead. The digital bundle contains five awesome tracks for just £2.99, it all helps those that need it most and the proceeds will be divided and distributed equally among all the beneficiaries. Thank you.”

The full version video, directed and edited by Savannah Perry, offers insight into the TOS2020 ‘Beholden To The Front-Line Workers Of The World mix,’ revealing who sings which lines, who plays which guitar solo, drums, etc., throughout the song. Earlier, Vincente Cordero / Industrialism Films presented another video for the TOS2020 single

Collaborators include: Andy Rourke, Billy Duffy, Budgie, Evi Vine, Gary Numan, James Alexander Graham, Jay Aston, Julianne Regan, Kevin Haskins, Kirk Brandon, Lol Tolhurst, Martin Gore, Michael Aston, Michael Ciravolo, Midge Ure, Miles Hunt, Rachel Goswell, Richard Fortus, Robin Finck, Steve Clarke, Tim Palmer, Trentemøller

Background from Wayne Hussey: “When Covid-19 hit, I started receiving messages asking ‘why don’t you re-issue Tower Of Strength for the front line workers?’ The song had apparently been adopted as an anthem by some NHS workers and it got me thinking that I would like to contribute something to the greater cause at this unprecedented time and the only thing I could really contribute is music. So in conjunction with my good friend Michael Ciravolo, I came up with the idea of recording a new version of Tower Of Strength for charity by enlisting the help of musician friends and acquaintances.”

Produced by Wayne Hussey and co-produced and mixed by Tim Palmer. Except * remix by Trentemøller and ** remix by Albie Mischenzingerzen.

TRACK LIST for TOS2020 – ReMission International
1. TOS2020 (single)
2. TOS2020 (Beholden To The Front Line Workers Of The World mix)
3. TOS2020 (Trentemøller remix)*
4. TOS2020 (Albie Mischenzingerzen remix)**
5. Tower Of Strength (new remaster) – The Mission (free bonus track with bundle only)

TOS2020 nominated charities currently include:
St. Jude’s Children’s Hospital, Memphis
Music Venue Trust UK
Covenant House, New Orleans
Disasters Emergency Committee
Plan International
Direct Relief
Alzheimer’s Scotland
Liberty Hill Foundation
The Shrewsbury Ark
Memorial Sloan Kettering Center, NYC
Prostate Cancer UK
The Teddy Bear Clinic
Red Rover
Help Musicians UK
Crew Nation
Venice Family Clinic
The Anthony Walker Foundation
Projeto Cáo Communitário
The City Of San Francisco Covid-19 Fund

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