Nitcholas – Lo-Fi Indie Pop From Tennessee; New Single “Next Life” Now Streaming Everywhere

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Nitcholas- Lo-Fi Indie Pop from Tennessee

New Single “Next Life” Now Streaming Everywhere
Stream The Single “Next Life” + Music Video Here 
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Indie-pop artist Nitcholas has dropped a new single titled “Next Life” which is now streaming everywhere.

Stream “Next Life” here:

The product of Nashville local Nick Taylor working with Memphis producer Calvin Lauber (Julien Baker, Bogues), Nitcholas is a dreamy lofi escape to a better place.

Bringing elements from multiple different genres from doo-wop to r&b and even some from their emo revival past lives, the two bring a uniqueness to the already diverse bedroom pop scene.

Starting only in earlier 2020, Nitcholas has already grabbed our attention with two singles “Dreamboat,” yes, it’s as dreamy as you can imagine, and the upbeat summer pool party jam “Headband.”

Switching things up a bit now, almost as if on purpose with the seasons, the new track “Next Life” slows things down with a melancholic trance-y vibe that will have you crying on the couch one second and dancing around the room the next.

The lyrics look at the similarities between losing someone permanently from this world and losing someone to the end of a relationship. How you can go from seeing someone every day, to seeing them only on your phone screen or in old picture frames. “Next Life” questions where people go when they leave and whether or not you will see them again someday. The line “Meet me in the next life, I’ll wait for you,” could mean many different things and in a sense is left up to interpretation. So give it a listen and find your own meaning in it.
‘Next Life’ Cover Art

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