Miesha & The Spanks Release New Single “Wanna Feel Good”

*The Following Press Release Was Issued By Miesha & The Spanks*

This song was a last minute add-on while tracking our next release with Leeroy Stagger. It was just before what would be our last session, or more importantly, it was his last session in his hand-built studio, the Rebeltone Rach, before tearing it down and moving West. Deadlines were closing in and time was running out. 

Everything pent-up rose to the surface – Pressure’s building! Pressure’s building! – something brand new I wasn’t planning on writing.

Wanna Feel Good” is about that pressure and the vices and rituals used to relieve it, to make it through to fight another day. 

Wanna Feel Good” is now streaming on SpotifySoundCloud & wherever else you get your music. Big thanks to Indie88 for the premiere!  
To all of our surprise, this song is a banger. It’s a tiny bit psych, a little 90s grunge, some scrappy punk, all rock, and it slaps. 

Leeroy is all about the integrity of the music and the honesty of the song. “Wanna Feel Good” couldn’t have come from a more honest place, birthed in frustration and tension before finally a sweet release. 

He adds, I love this song, not just because it appeals to my obsession with 90s rock, but because the guitar progression hits like a swarm of bees and then the B section comes out of nowhere to shake your ass into oblivion.

Wanna Feel Good” is from Singles EP, our next album coming out in March 2021.

 Thanks for listening! 


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