Gone From My Sight Release New Album ‘Twenty Twenty’

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Gone From My Sight

Twenty Twenty 

16 October 2020
Gone From My Sight are a musical duo who create truly bold art. Their songs are best described as dark ambient electronic rock, at times, heartbreakingly beautiful, at times, strange and welcoming. They achieve their own balance by leaning on their shared experimental music influences, such as Radiohead, Aphex Twin, Nine Inch Nails and LCD Soundsystem.

On Gone From My Sight’s new album “Twenty Twenty,” Quinn Raymond and Keith Watts make compelling emotional and musical statements underpinned by anxiety, dissociation and love in resignation.

Refreshingly honest and self-depreciating, the band would describe themselves slightly differently:

“Basically, it’s lo-fi indie synth rock with hand claps and an 808 and a very sad, paranoid voice wondering why we’re all here, where we’re going after and if it even matters.”

“Twenty Twenty” is equally an essential listen for adventurous rock/metal, electronica and ambient music fans. It’s also recommended for those who appreciate dark music untethered to culture.

“Twenty Twenty” is available for order on Deluxe Limited Edition Vinyl on Bandcamp. It was digitally released on Oct 16.

Listen on Bandcamp.

More Info:
Artist Name: Gone From My Sight
Location: NYC/SF
Musician Names/Instruments: Quinn Ramond (guitar, bass, synths, programming), Keith Watts (drums, programming, synths, piano, vocals)
Producer Name(s): Quinn Raymond, Keith Watts
Mixed by Adam Chimera
Mastered by Alan Douches for West West Side Music
Recorded in Bedrooms, Hotels, Airplanes, Shifted Studios Brooklyn and Rockaway Beach, Queens
Similar/RIYL: Radiohead, Aphex Twin, LCD Soundsystem, Nine Inch Nails, Low
Genre(s): Rock, Electronic, Ambient

1) Chrome Dynasty
2) Voices on a plane
3) Selfish
4) Bashed
5) The Float
6) Choir
7) Damon
8) Big Day Out
9) The Morning After

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/Gonefrommysight
Twitter: https://twitter.com/Gonefrommysight
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/gonefrommysight/
Spotify: https://open.spotify.com/artist/2Vwz1XkaTTX2lq7OYrIiW4?si=dHrhtK0YQEm-mQn-g7gENw
Bandcamp: https://gonefrommysight.bandcamp.com/
Soundcloud: https://soundcloud.com/gonefrommysight

Artist Biography:
Named after the little blue “how to book” that hospices give to the dying, Gone From My Sight is a band that is equally happy making you cry or dance. It’s all moot: everything is temporary anyway.

After failing for years as producers and studio musicians for other artists (ranging in breadth from Destiny’s Child to the Shivers), our anti-heroes finally decided to do something proper with the remains. Debut album Twenty Twenty’s schizophrenic indie rock and electronic sound is the result of that decision.

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