Haven Chills New Single “Triangulate The Will Of Man (Choir Boy Version)” Out Now

*The Following Press Release Was Issued By Haven Chills*

Haven Chills new single “Triangulate the Will of Man (Choir Boy Version)” out now

Using voice only, this cover of the hard-hitting alternative rock track found on Haven Chills debut album “Octaved Sky” showcases the delicate vocal stylings of Dan Potter. Multi-tracked layers of singing were individually recorded to present the listener with a choir of one. The song is brought to life with oblique counter harmonies and sustained majestic vocalized pulses as supporting twins accompany each voice taking the melodies and rhythms for a whirl ride trip through the dark sarcastic world of Haven Chills music. 

“Triangulate the Will of Man (Choir Boy Version)” is a detour around the otherwise heavy guitar based rock ‘n roll and alt-rock that defines what Haven Chills is all about. Best described as playing high-intensity rock fusion with a bold energetic feel, the numerous influences found across a wide spectrum get blended up and mixed into a musical style that is distinct and original. There is a raw catchiness heard on each of the 12 songs released on the debut LP “Octaved Sky,” where blazing guitar work and introspective lyrics come together producing a big, thought-provoking experience, making it a must-listen for rock fanatics.  

This Vancouver-based project was created in 2018 by multi-instrumentalist Dan Potter and it has to date, released the single “Dull Boy (Acoustic),” three music videos and a full cover of Queen’s “Bohemian Rhapsody.”


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