Toronto’s Outer Rooms Share “Thunder East”

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Toronto’s Outer Rooms share “Thunder East”
Outer Rooms channel urban anxiety, decry Tory’s Toronto and Ford’s Ontario, with new single “Thunder East.”

RIYL: Ought, Iceage, Protomartyr, Cloud Nothings

“Thunder East came out of the last days my partner and I spent living in a shithole apartment in a house in Toronto’s East End,” said Outer Rooms’ Sean Fitzpatrick (he/him). “In the same week, the ceiling of our apartment collapsed in a shower of millipedes and black mold. A day later, lightning struck the tree in front of the house, causing it to jump out of the ground and crash in the street.” 

“After a couple of years of floods, rodent infestations and constantly fighting with a landlord who drove a Lexus and kept his dad in the shed behind our home, I obsessed over John Tory’s Toronto,” Fitzpatrick said. “This gleaming façade on its lakefront: a glass wall of condos and office buildings for endless investment in a city best viewed from a descending airplane. We wanted to move here to make music and then struggled to just pay rent while bars and performance spaces closed year after year.”

“I kept thinking of Rob Ford’s rotting mouth bragging about the number of ‘cranes in the air.’ Toronto has become a failed construction project built on rock and roll, so we made a pillowy, angsty song that came out of an improvisation in one of our early writing sessions.”

“Thunder East” hails from Outer Rooms’ record All Will Be Well and All Will Be Well, etc., etc., out now.
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Praise for OUTER ROOMS:

“The group blend clamouring keys, drums, guitars and shouts together in a euphorically frenetic fashion, moulding the racket into precise, high-energy blasts of gripping, punk-informed rock,” – Exclaim!

“Brimming with fantastic punk rock defiance,” – SPILL 

“[The EP] drives a station wagon to the edge of the Canadian Rock cliffs, then swerves back towards power pop villages, leaving tire marks in the shape of Michael Ondaatje novels as they go,” – Grayowl Point

“Sounding like a fine chilly piece of emotive indie music to immerse yourself in, the single comes as bright and sweet, but in its unfolding, with plenty to chew on,'” – IDIOTEQ        

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