Major Moment Release Official Visualizer For “The Flood: Reimagined”

*The Following Press Release Was Issued By Rogue PR*

After receiving support from Idobi Radio, Alt.Press and Loudwire for their recently released anthemic single “The Flood,” Boston-based hard rockers Major Moment are back with a fresh take. Dialing down the intensity of the “100db wake-up call,” ‘The Flood’ has been reworked into a chilling, piano-driven ballad complemented with an honest, fragile vocal performance that is in just a few words: pure emotion.

From the band: 

“When we were just starting to work on the demo (titled “Liquid”) later to become “The Flood” in Summer of 2019, we specifically wanted to come up with a hard-hitting rock song to celebrate our return after a year-long break from releasing new music, to celebrate it with a bang. The lyrics and the mood of the vocal melody, however, were far from celebratory, so we added a lot of fast-paced percussive elements and angry guitar parts that helped to ramp up the energy level, so it worked out great.

In the back of our minds, we made a mental note that this song could totally work as a ballad and even before the original version was recorded in the studio, we already had a demo for its “reimagined” version ready. Unlike the original, that consists of nearly 100 different tracks, a three-part harmony, and a lot of background / gang vocals, we decided to go pretty minimalistic with its “reimagined” version, stripping it down to just one vocal lead, one piano part, a cello and a couple violins. We wanted it to sound as different from the original as possible, so the listener could focus on the most important parts of the song to us: the vocal delivery and the lyrics.”


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