Two Towns Releases Debut Single ‘Should’ve Been Me’

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Two Towns Releases Debut Single 
‘Should’ve Been Me’

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For acoustic duo Two Towns, fun music mixed with a healthy dose of melancholy is the blueprint. “We wanted to write a sad song that was still upbeat and happy,“explains Hunter Myers, who along with band mate Zac Young make up Two Towns. The band recently dropped their debut single ‘Should’ve Been Me,’ an acoustic Bedroom Pop single aimed at creating a vibe. 

From the opening acoustic guitar riff through the melancholy chorus, the vibe is certainly there: “It should have been me that you wanted more/ It should have me now I’m ripped and torn/ It should have been me waiting at your door/ It should have been me now my heart feels sore.” Two Towns croon over a sparse alternative-indie acoustic arrangement.

Hailing from Milton, VT, the acoustic duo formed in 2019, but have been playing music for most of their lives. “Hunter started playing when he was 13,” says Zac Young, “I’ve been playing since I was six.” Capitalizing off of the attention they are receiving from ‘Should’ve Been Me,’ Two Towns are currently finishing up their debut album, Shell City, due later this year.

‘Should’ve Been Me’ is now streaming on all major platforms.

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