Grace Gillespie Releases New Single “Hoppers”

*The Following Press Release Was Issued By Grace Gillespie*


Hoppers” is my song of life and death. It was written in the middle of a heatwave in very rural France and is a product of having nothing to do. I watched endless tiny creatures dance and hum with life, then die away. As I swept them from the kitchen floor, I was reminded of the distinct fragility and brevity of our own human existence… 

I wanted to capture the frantic energy of life and contrast it with the stillness of death, represented in the song’s chorus. For me, that is reflected in the way that we rush around endlessly living and not stopping to think – then, suddenly something strikes you still in a moment and everything is put into perspective. Inevitably, the speed of life winds back up again and off we go at the same manic, unstoppable pace.  

Hoppers” was the second song unveiled from After The Harvest Moon, my new EP recorded with Oliver Baldwin, released on November 27th.  

Sometimes, it seems the human race will trample over everything to better itself. The damage we have done and continue to do is horrifying. Both ourselves and our world are fragile, yet something has got into us, which makes us think we are invincible and that the planet can take our endless abuse. 

Grace Gillespie

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