Vancouver Musician Quinn Pickering Releases Bittersweet New Single “Grapefruit”

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(Vancouver, BC) – If the pandemic has brought on feelings of nostalgia and the need for a sweet pop song with a bit of sting, Vancouver musician Quinn Pickering’s new track ‘Grapefruit’ is just what you’re looking for! ‘Grapefruit‘ is the 1st single from Quinn’s new EP Supernova, out now via producer Howard Redekopp’s new record label How Weird Sounds.   

Full of nostalgic, melancholic longing, ‘Grapefruit’ explores the feeling of trying to shake special memories that over time have turned bittersweet. “The song is about how memories and emotions can be triggered in the most unexpected of ways,” says Quinn Pickering. “The song had lived in my head for a few years until the faint scent of Grapefruit Rose stepped in and gave me the necessary inspiration to finish the song and close the book on that chapter of my life.”

Quinn Pickering is a young singer-songwriter leading a new generation of artists who are redefining the indie music landscape. At 20, he has spent over half his life playing guitar, writing songs and releasing albums. Raised in New Westminster, BC, to a musical family of Métis descent, his interest and passion for music and songwriting led to the formation of his first band, World Is History, when he was just nine years old.

Earlier this year, Quinn signed with How Weird Sounds to release Supernova, a five song EP executive produced by Howard Redekopp and produced, mixed and engineered by Stefan Nowarre. Released on November 13th, Supernova showcases Quinn’s youthful energy and love of classic songwriting and puts his voice at the centre of it all. Quinn has shown a remarkable gift for connecting with audiences through his songs and at just 20 years old, there’s no telling how much more he’s capable of.

‘Grapefruit’ is available now on Spotify, Apple Music/iTunes and other digital retailers and streaming services worldwide.

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