The Moore Family Band Release Debut LP ‘Missy’ Via Asian Man Records

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The Moore Family Band Release Debut LP Missy, Via Asian Man Records

SAN JOSE, CA — Rapidly gaining recognition nationwide after forming just a few short months ago, The Moore Family Band recently released their irresistibly catchy and propulsive debut LP Missy through all major digital platforms, via Asian Man Records.

Stream the album on Bandcamp, Spotify and Apple Music and more.

Unexpectedly reunited in their South Bay family home to quarantine during the pandemic’s early months, siblings Alyssa, Randy and Dylan Moore combined their distinct musical energies and emerged as a dynamic trio of pop-punk rockers. Influenced by bands like Weezer, Green Day and Alkaline Trio, as well as by the vocal stylings of Joan Jett, the Moore Family Band craft upbeat guitar-powered earworms that explore the twin tumults of facing 2020 in your twenties. 

Missy, named after the family dog, charges through 11 breathlessly anthemic tracks about starting over (“Falling”), facing hard facts (“Never Loved You”) and sticking it out in the relationships that matter (“Raining Inside My Head”). The album boasts an impressive cast of collaborators, including Long Island punk icon Jeff Rosenstock, Dan Potthast of MU330 and Peter Niven. Advance singles have already been praised by the likes of MTV News, BrooklynVegan, SF Weekly and No Echo.

“As an album, Missy is an expression of the past year, says lead vocalist Alyssa Moore. “There have been many ups and downs, but being able to push through and make music about it has been life-changing for me. Our band represents us coming together during a rough time in the world. It really helped all of us connect with each other and become closer.”

Adds Randy: “My main goal for quarantine was to work on as much music as possible, regardless of style or project — just to create. And in that headspace, I found myself turning to the two people I could best collaborate with: my siblings. From there, it just snowballed into creating this piece of art that has all our fingerprints on it. Missy represents the three of us working together, becoming closer and just having fun. Being raised in an Italian household, there has always been a big emphasis on family. I can’t think of a better way to solidify our family than making music together.”

Signing the Moore Family Band was an easy decision for Mike Park, still the beating heart of Asian Man Records 25 years after starting it in his garage. “I had known Randy and Dylan from the work I’ve done with their other band Get Married,” says Park. “During the early stages of quarantine, Randy started sending me demos with his sister Alyssa singing and I told him, ‘This is really good.’ I asked for a few more demos and then I said, ‘LET’S MAKE A RECORD!’”

Missy is also available to pre-order on vinyl, from the Asian Man Records store for $13.99. Only 300 records, pressed to randomly colored vinyl, will be available in this limited first pressing.

Praise for The Moore Family Band

“Alyssa, Randy and Dylan Moore have captured some nice explosive energy… While their other single, ‘Falling,’ channels early Weezer, ‘Raining Inside My Head’ fits right alongside contemporary frenetic pop-punks like Jeff Rosenstock, who subtly cameos on synth.” – MTV News

“A punk ripper… Great stuff.” BrooklynVegan

“‘Falling,’ the debut single by the Moore Family Band kicks off with a huge hook that could have been cribbed from Pinkerton, and only gets better from there.” – SF Weekly

“Gilman Street circle pit meets Happy Days sock hop that builds into a syrupy explosion of pressure-cooked power pop.” – No Echo

About The Moore Family Band

The Moore Family Band – comprised of siblings Alyssa (lead vocals), Randy (guitar/bass) and Dylan Moore (drums/back-up vocals) – delivers sunny, propulsively catchy alt-rock while layering on the kinds of dueling guitars and perfectly judged harmonies that might be more at home on an ‘80s metal record. 

Brought up in San Jose, the siblings (ranging in age from 19 to 25) discovered music-making young, playing instruments around the house at all hours, and Randy and Dylan spent their teenage years as members of slacker/rock band Get Married (also signed to Asian Man Records). Earlier this year, the siblings found the COVID-19 pandemic at first disorienting, then unifying. Randy and Dylan, recently resettled in Anaheim, moved back home along with Alyssa, who’d relocated to San Diego with the trio’s grandparents. Reunited in San Jose, the Moores spent quarantine writing songs together. 

Their debut record Missy, named after the family dog, came naturally as all three channeled influences like Weezer, Green Day and Alkaline Trio into a rock ‘n’ roll record capable of standing toe-to-tapping-toe with early cuts from those three genre forefathers. Follow The Moore Family Band on Facebook, Instagram, TikTok and Twitter.

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