Alternative/Skate Punk Band, All The Time Everywhere, Release New EP “The Long Con”

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Alternative/Skate Punk Band, All The Time Everywhere, Release New EP “The Long Con”

Canadian Alternative/Skate Punk Band, All The Time Everywhere (ATTE), has been building toward the release of their Sophomore EP, “The Long Con,” for many months… and now, it’s here!  The band is thrilled to release the full EP following the releases of their first track, “Sale” and their second track, “Partition (Party’s Over)” which is supported by both the Lyric video and Production video.  

Listen Here To “The Long Con” on Spotify and Here on Apple Music.

About “The Long Con”:

Track #1 – Digital Man – This song is about trying to prevail in music when the odds are very much against you in a digital world. A middle finger to the streaming world and the fight against for an underpaid and underappreciated art world.

Track #2 – Sale – This song is about how our loyalty can’t be bought. It can only be earned. That also goes for our respect. Laziness will not be tolerated.

Track #3 – Partition (Party’s Over) – Written from a personal and worldwide standpoint, this song is about how things that have been tolerated in the past will no longer be. Tolerance and enabling of unacceptable behaviour is the same as committing the crime itself.

Track #4 – Specter – A personal song about a lost love caused by putting your faith in people who may not have your best interest at heart.

Track #5 – Wake – About a reoccurring dream from childhood that was a terrifying psychosis that was a half-awake/half-asleep hell. Possibly caused by the sound of a passing freight train very close to home.

Track #6 – Unapologetically Correct – Our inability to admit we are wrong and our pride can cause a lot of unnecessary conflict. This song is about admitting to yourself and others that sometimes you’re not right and that it’s okay to be wrong and sorry about it. (Song named by contest winner Leigh Bank-Jaffe*)

*From October 5 – November 7, 2020, ATTE ran a “Name That Song” contest with the winner, Leigh Bank-Jaffe, receiving prizes including Opening Credit recognition in the song’s Lyric Video, his name in the liner notes of “The Long Con,” a $200 merchandise credit including a One-of-a-Kind T-shirt with “I Named This Song” printed and a Private Show by ATTE.

About All The Time Everywhere

Aggressive and in your face music with influences like Alexisonfire, Architects, Goldfinger, Face To Face, Lagwagon and The Fullblast, drives the sound of  All The Time Everywhere. The boys set out to create music that draws influence from some of the greats of the past and spins them into a modern fresh sound. Catchy lyrics, brilliant gang vocal harmonies and an energetic live show grabs the audience from the start and never lets them go. Energy and memorable songs are the result of bearing down and writing an album with your life in the balance and executing the vision from start to finish. Now that the map is laid out, the lineup is ready to deliver a hard hitting sound that you won’t forget.

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